About Us

Our company began growing with the "Hotspot Systems", to further continue with other services, depending on the requests of our customers and our ideas. We always try to fulfill the customer's requests and needs, by being one step closer to the advancement of technology. After the "Hotspot Systems", we continued with the system of sending thousands of SMS (bulk SMS) or e-mails in advertisement forms, holiday wishes  or offers to customers. Finally, we have also started developing the most professional web pages through our system (Dina CMS), which has been created by our own programmers. 

At the moment we are more focused on developing professional websites with modern designs, which our market currently lacks . We stay professional through the creation of web pages by using our own CMS and not other systems or copies. In terms of quality and price, we remain the first in the market to create professional web pages at reasonable prices. We currently have clients from Kosovo, Albania and various European countries who trusted us with our work and also do the best advertising for us. Most of our clients have brought us other clients based on the satisfaction they had with our work.

We will do our best for each client so that they are satisfied with our work.